Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

I wonder what you’ve become…

Are you travelling around the world or sitting at home looking glum?
Have you created a new comic character to rival that of Superman?
Are you surfing on a beach, or are you sadly living in a van?
Are you an accomplished animator working on a project for Disney?
Have you got into drinking and have already lost a kidney?
Are you an environmental activist working to save the trees?
Or have you gone and joined yet another stupid IT company?
Have you made films as good as those by Nolan, Miller, Spielberg?
Are you in space and from above you’re looking at our blue earth?
Are you a mad scientist or a dreamy inventor?
Are you a teacher helping to make tomorrow a bit better?
Have you discovered something, like whether humans can fly?
Are you climbing a mountain and can almost touch the sky?
Have you lost your money, and you’re now in helpless strife?
Are you single, or do you actually have a wife?
Have you created the stuff of legends, inspired people that ‘they can’?
And maybe, just maybe, are you Batman?

Yes, I wonder what you’ve become
But I don’t care if your life’s in tatters.
I just hope you’re a good person,
For me, that’s all that matters.


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