A Blog is Born from Boredom

This blog was born from me being bored out of my wits. It wasn’t a waste of time (I hope) because I actually had nothing to do with my time in the first place.

I hope that upon reading whatever I write here, be it about movies, or stories, or pictures, or adventures, you, the reader, manage to feel like it has not been a complete waste of your time, and you actually enjoy it. Or if you have no clue what to do, like me… read it anyway, because seriously, you have nothing to lose!

I have seen in movies and read in books (at least, those all which I have seen or read fully) that in every good introduction, there has to be some jazz and style, which invites and excites the watchers and readers to the point when they are certain that they must complete whatever they have ventured to watch or read. So, without further ado…(queue smooth, snazzy music)

“My name is Rohit, but you can just call me agreatguy. What I’m about to tell you is incredibly confidential, and if word of this reaches the wrong ears, there will be serious consequences. This here is a top secret, covert operation which goes by the name of ‘eventhegreatgetbored’, a blog whose mission is to prevent great guys such as myself from boredom at your, great reader’s, expense.” Queue dramatic Mission Impossible music here. “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read the blog.”
Read it, and remember with uncomfortable clarity, how bored you were once, a long time ago. Read it and marvel at the delicate balance of humour and poignancy of a bored kid’s writing. Or read it, and wonder why you are listening to him blabber in the first place.

Its your choice.
Just remember, in the mind of a kid, or an adult, or anyone for that matter, the whole world is their oyster.
In the mind of a bored kid, they are inside the oyster. And they just don’t know the whole world is around them.

And with those sparkling pearls of wisdom, let the journey begin.


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